About Aitutaki Atoll and Island

Aitutaki Atoll and Island

The Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cook Islands is one of the most beautiful island lagoons in the world, with its world-famous stunning lagoon, coral reefs and small islets. The islets are also called ‘ motu ‘. It is situated in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean with thousands of kilometers of open sea from any mainland or continent. The lagoon has recently been made famous for another reason. Survivor Cook Islands was recently filmed there with all the publicity that came with it and visitors can take the opportunity of visiting the Aitutaki Survivor locations in the atoll.

Aitutaki has many attractions, including the magnificent lagoon itself and the small islands that border the lagoon. The scuba diving is also excellent with the fringing reefs having a great deal of coral and marine life. The coral sand beaches are second to none and the accommodation ranges from 5 star luxury to small beach huts.


World famous atoll – View the Aitutaki islands
Location of ‘ Survivor Cook Islands ‘
Pristine beaches
Aitutaki Diving – Scuba Dive the fantastic lagoon and outer reefs
Many accommodation types including Aitutaki resort and spa options.
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